23rd June 2017

A 30 minute video has been created to outline the principles of Safer Surrey and is available as a training tool for practitioners across the partnership. The video and other Safer Surrey Tools can be accessed via the Surrey County Council website, the SSCB website and YouTube.

The Safer Surrey approach is a strength-based approach that works on the belief that children and their families have the strengths, resources and ability to recover from adversities. It has its roots in solution focused practice and creates a common language used by all professionals from universal services through to child protection.  

Safer Surrey invests power in children and families to help themselves, and puts practitioners in the role of supporting and helping them rather than as directors of change. The approach encourages professionals to support and reinforce child and family functioning rather than focus on individual or family deficits.

There will also be Safer Surrey Workshops available for practitioners as part of the 2017/18 SSCB Training programme. Details available on the SSCB website.