Professional Challenge

Pre-requisites: Participants must have completed

  • SSCB Safeguarding Foundation Module 1 and 2

Target Group: The course is aimed at practitioners and managers in voluntary, independent and statutory agencies who work predominantly with children, young people and/or their parents/carers and who could contribute to assessing, planning, intervening and evaluating the needs of a child and parenting capacity where there are safeguarding concerns.

Course Aim: This course will give participants greater confidence and skills to effectively challenge professionals and practice within their agency and others, in order to safeguard children and young people.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course participants will

  • Understand what we mean by professional challenge and how it can contribute, when used appropriately, to safeguard children and young people.
  • Understand that this is a professional responsibility
  • Explore the concept of ‘professional curiosity’.
  • Consider situations when it might be appropriate to challenge decisions, practice or actions which might not effectively ensure the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person.
  • Challenge the rule of optimism and develop practitioner confidence when working in partnership with families and professionals.
  • Develop an awareness of the Inter-Agency Escalation Policy and Procedure.

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