SSCB Conference Beneath the Radar 16 November 2016


SSCB Conference Agenda

 ‘Beneath the Radar’

Exploring the impact of exploitation on children and young people in Surrey

16 November 2016 9am – 4.15pm

 Epsom Downs Racecourse, Epsom Downs, Surrey, KT18 5LQ

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SSCB are pleased to be hosting a one day conference Beneath the Radar for professionals working with children and young people in Surrey.

This will be an informative and impactful day. The conference will be opened by the SSCB Independent Chair Elaine Coleridge-Smith and the keynote address will be from Kip Gibbens from the NSPCC Child Trafficking Advice Centre.  

Key presentations will be from Lorin Lefave from The Breck Foundation and the theatre production Crashing (CSE focusing on the vulnerability and risk to boys) from AlterEgo. You will also have the opportunity to present questions to a panel of SSCB members.

During the day, you will be able to attend two workshops from a choice of four. The choices include:

  • Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage – Sarb Athwal and Clive Driscoll
  • Modern Day Slavery – A21
  • Female Genital Mutiliation – Denise Henry
  • Disguised Compliance – Debbie Carson

You will be able to choose your two workshops on the day.

Further workshop descriptions:

Workshop: Honour Based Violence, Forced Marriage

Sarbjit Athwal founder of ‘True Honour’, formed to offer support and assistance to those experiencing the injustices of honour based violence and forced marriage, and Clive Driscoll a former Detective Chief Inspector from the Metropolitan Police will present a workshop on honour based violence. It will draw upon Sarb’s personal experience of honour based violence and the subsequent police investigation. Its aim is to provide participants with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to safeguarding children and young people who may experience or be at risk of forced marriage.

Workshop: Modern Day Slavery

A21 will offer a workshop outlining their work to support victims of human trafficking and modern day slavery, including awareness raising and outlining support that can be available to victims of these crimes. Areas discussed will include; data on trafficking, the exploitation of men, women and children, forced labour and sex trafficking, the world’s fastest growing criminal industry which is affecting every nation.

Workshop: Female Genital Mutilation

Denise Henry is a specialist perineal midwife (a midwife specializing in birth trauma) at St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, and is leading the campaign for more support for women affected by female genital mutilation (FGM). A midwife for 24 years, Denise supports women who are victims of FGM and have been referred by the antenatal clinic at St George’s Hospital and is championing a number of initiatives across south west London. Denise helped write a guide issued to GPs and nurses to help them do more to identify and refer victims of Female Genital Mutilation. She is also working on a national level, contributing to guidelines on the prevention and treatment of FGM. Her workshop will inform practitioners about the new Duty to report, recognition of, referral and support to children and women at risk of or have experienced FGM.

Workshop: Disguised Compliance

Debbie Carson, a retired police officer who spent much of her career working in the safeguarding arena and the last 10 years of her service investigating the deaths of children killed at the hands of their carers’, will present a workshop which will consider the meaning of Disguised Compliance and explore how it may be employed by those looking to mislead professionals. It will discuss ways in which professionals might recognise Disguised Compliance and develop strategies to diffuse its impact.

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